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Chocolate Decadence for Special Occasions

As my regular readers know, I always make space in my healthy and delicious life for special occasion decadence, which is why I’m excited to share a recipe for Gino’s Flourless Chocolate Cake.  What could be more perfect for Valentine’s Day!

This recipe was inspired by the most delicious flourless chocolate cake I ever tasted, which was at a restaurant whose chef, the late Gino Izetta, was my friend and cooking mentor. Although this was many years ago, I still remember the euphoria that accompanied each bite! The cake featured wonderfully rich dark chocolate, just sweet enough but not overly sweet. It was perfectly smooth and creamy, and it melted in my mouth.

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Creamy Broccoli Soup for a Vegetarian Valentine’s Day

If you’re still pondering what to make on Valentine’s Day to balance the chocolate you’re planning to devour, consider this creamy broccoli and sweet potato soup recipe that I created just for you, dear readers! This recipe was born of a desire to take broccoli soup to an unexpected place after finding nothing but broccoli-cheese soup on restaurant menus for decades! And it fits nicely into the niche of hearty soups that can serve as a one-dish meal for busy cooks, with red lentils serving as a protein base.

I use fresh almond milk made in our Vitamix to make it “creamy,” but, of course, you can use

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