Sacred & Delicious

A Modern Ayurvedic Cookbook

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The Sacred & Delicious Food List

The Sacred & Delicious Food List is an addendum to the cookbook, Sacred & Delicious. Author Lisa Mitchell decided to distribute this comprehensive list of the foods through her website so that she would be able to update it more easily. These are foods found in most modern kitchens. The list organizes the foods into categories to reflect how they fit in your diet from an Ayurvedic perspective.

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Winner of Five National Book Industry Awards!

108 Tantalizing vegetarian recipes, most with vegan options and gluten free. More than 60 full-page color photos.

“Lisa Joy Mitchell shows you how to balance the bodily doshas with the right kind of food—the ultimate medicine.”

~Vasant Lad, Ayurvedic physician and author of Textbook of Ayurveda series

Sacred & Delicious is much more than a cookbook! It’s a primer on India’s ancient dietary approach to wellness, a food memoir, and a glorious cookbook that celebrates the sacred and healing power of food. Recipes span the day from breads and breakfast to delicious soups, entrées, salads, sides – and yes – special occasion desserts!

Sacred & Delicious offers a time-tested nutritional plan that embodies traditional Ayurvedic wisdom while appealing to a modern American palate and dietary needs. With insights about conscious eating and conscious living, this book can help you sustain or regain your health and vitality…deliciously!

“Such pure, delicious food, so delicately spiced to perfection. Sacred & Delicious is an essential book for anyone who wants to reclaim vibrant health.”

~Smita Naram, Ayurvedic physician,
chairwoman of Ayushakti Group,
and author of Your Health in Your Hands

“An accessible and illustrative guide to the healing world of the Ayurvedic kitchen. Perfect for the novice and veteran in the kitchen alike.”

~Frances T. Meredith, MD Functional
Medicine/Internal Medicine

“I have never seen a more thoughtfully written book on health or diet. Ever.
Sacred and Delicious is a gift to the world and to everyone who knows they want to
eat healthfully but doesn’t know where to begin. I recommend you begin right here!”

~Debra Poneman, author of What, No Meat!?! and founder of Yes to Success Seminars, Inc.

“Well done! (Sacred & Delicious) recipes are well written, clear, and precise and could be followed by a new cook or a very experienced chef. The photography is stunning. After 33 years as a food editor… I only wish there were more (cookbooks) like this.”

~IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award Judge

“A clear, concise introduction to Ayurvedic cooking.... The recipe section is where this book really shines, as it showcases beautiful full-color photos of select dishes.”

~Kirkus Reviews

Sacred & Delicious – a tour de force! Approachable and inspiring, Lisa Mitchell's clear voice gently guides the reader through Ayurvedic recipes that are packed with flavor and love.”

~Frank Lee, Founding Chef, Slightly North of Broad, Charleston, SC

“Along with kosher we have eco-kosher, bio-kosher and now Ayurveda-kosher. Each one leads to a higher degree of honoring creation and our own bodies.”

~Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, cofounder of Jewish Renewal and coauthor of The December Project

  • Living Now Book Awards | Gold Medal
  • Nautilus Book Awards | Silver Medal
  • Benjamin Franklin Award | Silver Medal
  • Body Mind Spirit Book Awards | Gold Medal
  • Foreword INDIES Book of the Year Awards | Bronze Medal

Celebrating the Healing Power of Food and Spices

Quick Sautéed Asparagus

This spring dish is one of my “Seven-Minute Sides” because it’s so quick and easy to make.

Page 173

Peach Cobbler

Uummm…fresh peaches with an almond flour and maple sugar crust, drizzled with coconut cream…the perfect summer dessert!

Page 235

Savory Chickpea Pancakes with Curry Leaf Chutney

A wonderfully flavorful pancake for breakfast or brunch and a winning side dish with lunch or dinner.

Page 79

Black-eyed Pea Salad

This zesty salad, side dish, or vegan protein will bring good luck in the New Year and be applauded when it’s served every month of the year.

Page 215

Mung Soup

This hearty soup of mung beans and vegetables is one of the best foods on the planet for vegetarians and omnivores alike. Packed with vegan protein, this satisfying dish is naturally detoxifying.

Page 130

Carrot Soup

My all-time favorite summer soup with coconut milk, cilantro, and mint…that transitions into winter with by switching ingredients to almond milk, fresh basil, and ginger.

Page 99

Simple Summer Squash

When you need an easy 20-minute side dish that goes with just about everything, this is your go-to recipe.

Page 193

Sweet Potato Burritos

This Mexican-style entrée may become your favorite quick meal! Served here with Refried Beans and Guacamole.

Page 145