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Versatile Vegan Sides and Salads for Summer Entertaining

This gluten-free Tofu Salad with Summer Vegetables is a perfectly satisfying and delicious dish that can travel with you to any event this holiday weekend. Serve it chilled at a Memorial Day picnic or serve it as a warm side dish on your family patio.

This Tofu Salad with Summer Vegetables is ideal to pack in a cooler to travel to the beach, to the lake, or to the mountains, and be glad you didn’t have to stop for fast food along the way! Going to a potluck this weekend? Then take this dish to avoid going hungry when you’re surrounded by tables full of meat, dairy, breads, and cakes.

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Zucchini Soup in 20 Minutes or Less

If you like zucchini, you will love Creamy Zucchini Soup. This tasty vegan soup will help you make an easeful transition from summer to fall. And another thing about this dish that is great is that it takes no more than 20 minutes to make, start to finish!

During September and October, and even into November in some places, zucchini is being harvested before the first big frost. As the nights are getting cooler in many parts of the country, this warm, gingery vegetable soup is a perfect accompaniment to a veggie burger, a pasta entrée, or a sweet potato stuffed with black beans! As cold and flu season approaches, one

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