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Resolution 2019: Seek Balance

Woman celebrating her achieved goals.

Ayurveda teaches that all of nature, including our bodies, is always in search of balance. When our physical doshas are out of balance, they invite various forms of illness and disease into our bodies. Whenever our lifestyle is out of balance for too long—all work and no play, or vice-versa—we can easily spiral downward into fatigue, burnout, anxiety, and depression. For all these reasons I’m proclaiming my resolution right here and now with each of you as my witnesses: I resolve to create greater balance in my life in 2019!

Would you like to join me? If so, then what would a balanced life look like for you?

Finding balance, which can take many forms, holds within itself golden promises. If you’re overweight and you lose 25 pounds so you can fit into those size eight jeans again, you’ll be bringing your body back into balance and you’ll also be protecting yourself against diabetes, heart problems, and Alzheimer’s disease as well as certain cancers. This will also be true if you add daily (or almost daily) exercise to your life. Finding balance might also mean making more time in your life for nurturing relationships with family and friends by cutting back on obsessive overworking!

Of course, there are times in a life when we’re going for the gold, literally or metaphorically, and then it may be important to put forth strenuous effort in order to attain something great. Even during such periods, however, it’s important to maintain a semblance of balance in our lives—to give ourselves time for rest, exercise, and meditation, and of course, healthy food. This will allow us to perform at our best and still keep our sanity! Given all the distractions of our plugged-in lives, finding balance requires a willingness on our parts. Though it may seem like common sense, finding balance often calls for self-discipline, self-effort, and even grace.

For me, balance in 2019 will be about slowing down. For the past two years, I pressed myself hard to wrap up my book Sacred & Delicious and move it into the world. This work has been great fun and profoundly rewarding, but I’ll admit that in the process, my life got completely out of balance! I enjoy working hard and still intend to do so, but I’m ready to take some play time on most weekends: time to unwind, read books, invite friends over to dinner, and—come spring—plant flowers and take hikes in nature.

What will balance look like for you in 2019? Share your feedback with me here. You may provide inspiration for me and others as we make our resolutions to seek balance.

May your new year be filled with joy, inspiration, fulfillment, and vibrant health—any or all of which will be fueled by a life of balance!


Given all the distractions of our plugged-in lives, finding balance requires a certain willingness…and even grace.

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  1. Daniel says:

    Great article!