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Lisa Cagan Mitchell, a busy public relations consultant, was drawn to study Ayurvedic cooking twenty years ago, when chronic health problems began taking center stage in her fast-paced life. On her road to wellness, Lisa, changed her diet and began an informal study of Ayurveda (pronounced I-yer-VAY-duh), the ancient medical system of India that emphasizes a balanced and individual approach to eating.

It is this culinary and lifestyle wisdom that Lisa has incorporated into her recently published cookbook, Sacred & Delicious. During the course of gathering material for this book, Lisa studied informally with the renowned Ayurvedic physicians Dr. Vasant Lad in the U.S. and Dr. Smita Naram in India.

Lisa is now a wellness mentor and Ayurvedic cooking instructor based in Raleigh, North Carolina. She often works in partnership with her husband, Tom Mitchell, a chiropractic physician who practices Ayurvedic pulse assessment and herbal medicine, to consult with patients about dietary changes. Lisa teaches how to combine foods and spices creatively to support vibrant health and how to manage chronic pain and illness with an Ayurvedic approach to diet. During the past decade, Lisa has cooked for hundreds of participants in Ayurvedic clinics and meditation courses. She has been meditating and leading meditation groups for more than 30 years, and she brings this practice and yogic knowledge to her writing of Sacred & Delicious. She also shares her experiences about the noble and sacred undertaking that cooking truly is.

Lisa grew up in Florence, South Carolina. She holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of South Carolina. She began a 25-year career in journalism and public relations in Columbia, South Carolina, writing—and later editing—the magazine of a national trade association. From 1982 to 1997 she worked as a PR consultant in Dallas, Texas, with three prominent public relations firms and an international training company.

The Mitchells have lived in Raleigh, North Carolina, since 1997. They love hiking around Raleigh, spending time at the beach and the mountains, and hanging out as much time as possible with Tom’s adult daughter, Celeste.

Sacred and Delicious  is that one book that will really change your life. If you want to live a long, vibrant life without the aches and pains everyone says are an inevitable part of getting older – and without sacrificing all the delightful tastes you love – this is the book for you!”

~Debra Poneman, author of What!? No Meat!?! and founder of
Yes to Success Seminars, Inc.


  • Living Now Book Awards | Gold Medal

    In September 2019, Sacred & Delicious won a gold medal from the Living Now Book Awards in the category of Cookbooks: Natural, Nutrition, Organic, Vegetarian. The Living Now Book Awards are intended to recognize and promote newly published lifestyle books that help us keep ourselves, our families, and the earth healthytoday, and for future generations.


    See a full list of 2019 winners: http://www.livingnowawards.com/153/2019-winners

  • Nautilus Book Awards | Silver Medal

    In April 2019, Sacred & Delicious won three national book awards. A silver medal was given by the prestigious Nautilus Book Awards in the Food, Cooking & Healthy Eating category. Nautilus Book Awards celebrate and honor books that support conscious living & green values, high-level wellness, positive social change & social justice, and spiritual growth. The Nautilus tagline is “Better Books for a Better World.”

    See a full list of the 2019 winners here: http://nautilusbookawards.com/

  • Benjamin Franklin Award | Silver Medal

    Sacred & Delicious won the prestigious Benjamin Franklin Award™ silver medal in the Body, Mind & Spirit category. The Ben Franklin Awards program was launched in 1985 by the Independent Book Publishers’ Association to promote excellence in book publishing, including editorial and design. It has become one of the highest national honors for independent publishers.

    See a full list of the 2019 winners:


  • Body Mind Spirit Book Awards | Gold Medal

    The Body, Mind, Spirit Book Awards celebrate and promote outstanding books in a range of categories that address aspects of the human experience around wellness, spirituality, and balance.

    See a full list of 2019 winners:


  • Foreword INDIES Book of the Year Awards | Bronze Medal

    In June 2019, Sacred & Delicious was named a bronze medal winner in the 21st annual Foreword INDIES Book of the Year Awards in the Body, Mind & Spirit category. The awards recognize the best books published in 2018 from small, indie, and university presses, as well by self-published authors.

    See a full list of 2019 winners:


about ayurveda

Cooking with Spices

To Support Mind | Body | Spirit

Ayurveda, the traditional medicine of India, is translated from Sanskrit as “the science of life.” It is more than 5,000 years old, with roots in Vedic culture. Ayurveda emphasizes balance—in body, mind and spirit—as essential to achieving and maintaining wellness. This balance is a critical component in healing chronic health problems.

Ayurveda’s holistic approach to conscious eating and conscious living has the power to resolve acute health problems, heal disease and establish ongoing wellness. Over thousands of years Ayurveda has supported the health of the many millions who have applied its principles to their lives.

This ancient system of medicine offers a proven template for healing the body, mind and emotions. Even those with chronic and potentially life-threatening conditions—diabetes, IBS, heart disease—can make tremendous progress with the right diet, exercise and herbal supplements. To know what is “right” for you can be challenging—and this is where Ayurveda excels!  Through Ayurveda, you can understand your own energetic patterns and, therefore, what you need to thrive.

If you have a serious health condition, it is extremely helpful to find an Ayurvedic practitioner who can support your learning and create a health plan that will be most effective.

To learn more about Ayurveda’s dietary principles, see http://bluepearlayurveda.com/what-is-ayurveda/

In Raleigh, N.C., find an Ayurvedic practitioner also skilled in Western functional medicine.

The Ayurvedic Institutewww.ayurveda.com

Ayushakti: US Tour with Vaidya Smita Naram https://ayushaktiusa.com

Dr. Thomas Mitchell, Mitchell Chiropractic Healing Center, Raleigh, NC. Dr. Mitchell is also skilled in Western functional medicine. https://radianthealth.us

AAPNA – Association of Ayurvedic Professionals of North America https://www.aapna.org

NAMA – National Ayurvedic Medical Association https://nationalayurvedic-medicalassoc-f2f9.squarespace.com

“An accessible and illustrative guide to the healing world of the Ayurvedic kitchen. Perfect for the novice and veteran in the kitchen alike.”

~Frances T. Meredith, MD Functional
Medicine/Internal Medicine

wellness mentoring

Menu Planning

Support for Wellness Goals

If you want to reclaim vibrant health or sustain optimal wellness with the support of an Ayurvedic diet—but don’t know where to begin—you’ve come to the right person. Lisa Mitchell, author of Sacred & Delicious, has spent more than 20 years exploring, studying, and experimenting with Ayurvedic cooking. Lisa can help you customize a menu plan that works for you and your family so that you learn new and delicious ways to help reverse or manage health problems while continuing to eat some of your favorite foods.

Lisa’s wellness mentoring services include:

  • Initial personal consultation to determine health care issues and wellness goals
  • Detailed menu planning consultation to identify the best foods to support your constitution and address your health problems in light of your food preferences—vegan, vegetarian, or omnivore!
  • Support to help you establish a healthy relationship with food
  • Answers to your questions
  • Private cooking instruction
  • Personal shopping excursion

If you’re already working with an Ayurvedic health care practitioner, Lisa can support your practitioner’s recommendations by helping you fashion a practical monthly food plan—one that you can fulfill, given the time constraints of work and family.

If you’re looking for an expert Ayurvedic practitioner, we can offer you an initial evaluation with Dr. Tom Mitchell, a chiropractic physician, functional medicine specialist, and an Ayurvedic practitioner with 20 years’ experience. If you’re in the Research Triangle area, you can come for a pulse analysis and consultation about your health issues with Dr. Mitchell. He can also order appropriate lab tests in North Carolina.

If you would like just a food plan, Lisa will base your plan on your health care issues and wellness goals.

Consultations are in person in our Raleigh office (near Rex Hospital) or by phone and online. Call Lisa Mitchell at 919-624-1998 to discuss a full package price for all services or to schedule individual services.

Schedule in-person consultations with Dr. Tom Mitchell online at www.radianthealth.us. Menu Planning Consultations begin in February 2019, following the fall 2018 fall launch of Sacred & Delicious.

special events

Where to Find Lisa

Book Signings | Lectures
Cooking Classes | Tastings

Thanks for your interest in Sacred & Delicious! We sold out of the first printing, but E-books are still available at Amazon! We’ll let you know when the book is in print again!

How to naturally reduce chronic pain, slow aging, and regain vitality!

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As a participant in the Delicious DETOX, you will be guided to eat the right kind of foods that will help you to detoxify naturally and easefully. And while participating in this detox program, you will never go hungry!  Four master-class experiences and a private Facebook group for ongoing discussion, tips, and Q&A.

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To schedule a pulse assessment, health consultation, or chiropractic appointment: https://directory.bookedin.com/mitchell-chiropractic-healing-center or call 919-785-2200.

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