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Nature’s Tune-Up

I have an important question for you today.

Would you let your car go for years on end without taking it in for service? Probably not! When it runs on old dirty oil, the engine becomes less effective—your car can break down.

The truth is, it’s no different for your body.

That’s why we created the 21-Day Delicious Detox Challenge! And you’re invited to participate in this spring 2022 online home detox course, which begins on March 22.

Did I hear you say “ugh”? I get it! I used to feel that way about the word myself. Now I know that I feel so much better—more balanced, healthy, and energetic—when I take advantage of this ancient healing practice for improved wellbeing and longevity. Since I love delicious food, I made sure that this 21-day detox challenge is a totally delicious experience.

Why Detox?

Heavy foods get trapped in your colon, and these foods ferment, creating toxins that cause inflammation. The toxins seep through the colon and then travel throughout your body. Toxins can lodge in your organs and joints, creating blocks that cause chronic pain and disease processes that may go undetected for many years. Toxins can accumulate in your body when you eat junk food, packaged food, or just too much food. And even if you have a clean diet, you can pick up environmental toxins anywhere.

For thousands of years, Ayurveda has recommended doing a detox at least once a year—and preferably twice a year. If you start detoxing when you’re young, you can avoid many health problems as you age. And if you start detoxing later in life, you give yourself a chance to reverse the damage.

Benefits of a Gentle Detox

Have you noticed the number of physical, mental, and emotional issues you consider to be necessary outcomes of aging—chronic joint pain, constipation or intestinal gas, headaches, low energy, general fatigue, brain fog, depression…  Did you realize that, in fact, these problems can often be reversed with a detox, an ongoing anti-inflammatory diet, and daily exercise?

People who participate in the 21-Day Delicious Detox Challenge have reported the following changes after just three weeks:

  • Reduced inflammation
  • Less pain
  • Improved digestion and elimination
  • Higher energy, enthusiasm, and stamina
  • Recharged metabolism and weight loss
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Reduced congestion
  • Greater mental clarity

Scientific research confirms that inflammation is the likely cause of many debilitating health problems, including asthma, heart disease, diabetes, dementia, and Alzheimer’s. This list is reason enough to give yourself a tune-up this spring by participating in the 21-Day Delicious Detox Challenge.

A Better Detox Experience

There are do-it-yourself detox kits on the market, but these approaches are often harsh and can create new problems. Some encourage you to undergo several days of fasting, which is not recommended for every person—and certainly not for anyone who is hypoglycemic or is trying to detox while working fulltime. This is one reason that it’s best not to go through a detox on your own.

During the 21-Day Delicious Detox Challenge, you are supported by a qualified healthcare professional, Dr. Tom Mitchell, a chiropractic physician and functional medicine practitioner who has also practiced Ayurveda for more than 20 years. I will join my husband in teaching four Zoom Master Classes, and you’ll receive daily tips, guidance, recipes, success stories, inspiration, and answers to your questions inside a private Facebook group.

In this safe and gentle approach, you will be invited over the course of three weeks to gradually give up inflammatory foods while your body adjusts to the dietary changes you’re introducing. This is so much better than going cold turkey! One thing that’s important: you never have to go hungry during this detox, and you can eat deliciously throughout the process. Also, you will have the support of other participants, people who are also seeking to improve their lifestyle habits and their wellbeing. We’ll have fun together—we always do!

For more information, see the Program Overview at my website or REGISTER NOW!

We hope to see you in March for a joyful spring detox—so that you can feel your best self again!




I’m so happy that I made time to participate in the Delicious Detox! The 21 days gave us the opportunity to form some new healthy habits. I’m feeling great now. I’ve lost almost 8 pounds and several inches. My mind is clearer, and my attitude is better. The mung soup is delicious!

~ Terri W, Raleigh, NC

My entire relationship with food has changed! The 21-Day Delicious Detox Challenge attuned me to being more discerning about what foods support my health and ongoing wellbeing. I was thrilled when my chronic knee pain disappeared, and I’ve also experienced stronger digestion, lower blood pressure, less sinus congestion, and relief from heartburn and acid reflux. These are measurable results!

~Linda L, Indian Wells, CA

The 21-Day Delicious Detox Challenge was a life-changing experience. The food was delicious, and I feel better than I have in decades. I used to suffer with indigestion and constipation, and those are both gone now. I’m making wise decisions about what I eat, and it’s having a profound and positive impact on my wellbeing. The course was so uplifting!

~ Marie I, Portland, OR



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