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The Sacred & Delicious Food List is an addendum to the cookbook, Sacred & Delicious. Author Lisa Mitchell decided to distribute this comprehensive list of the foods through her website so that she would be able to update it more easily. These are foods found in most modern kitchens. The list organizes the foods into categories to reflect how they fit in your diet from an Ayurvedic perspective.

The free webinar with Vaidya Smita Naram that Lisa Mitchell is hosting will be held in the spring of 2019. Dr. Naram is one of India’s leading Ayurvedic pulse masters, herbal pharmacologists, and clinicians, and she has helped thousands of patients overcome serious health problems with the time-tested tools of Ayurveda. Lisa will conduct an interview with Dr. Naram about how to embrace an Ayurvedic diet and other health care approaches that have the potential to transform your health or to sustain optimal wellness. Here are some topics that will be covered:

  • Stories of people who have overcome serious health problems through modern Ayurveda— without taking pharmaceuticals
  • An in-depth discussion about how diseases take take root and evolve in the body from the perspective of Ayurveda.
  • A safe weight-loss plan that never leaves you hungry
  • Dietary recommendations to support chronic health conditions, including acid reflux, acne, headaches, back pain, perimenopause/menopause and more

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Welcome to Sacred & Delicious!

First things first:  Welcome! Welcome to you and welcome to Sacred & Delicious: Food • Health • Spirituality.

Food. Health. Spirituality. These are my passions, and they come together in my life like ingredients being mixed in any good recipe—interdependent and interconnected. I find that life loses its luster without delicious food, good health and time every day—even just a few minutes—for the body and spirit to rest and rejuvenate. 

It wasn’t always this way for me. Sixteen years ago, health issues prompted me to study Ayurveda. This is an approach to food, and life, that is thousands of years old and originates in India. Through Ayurveda, I’ve learned that both what I eat and how I approach my life have a huge impact on how I feel, day in and day out. They impact my energy, my enthusiasm level and even my meditation. 

Through Ayurveda and paying close attention, I’ve learned how every food I eat impacts my body, my mind and my emotions. Today, I am grateful to have a more conscious relationship with food and with my own body and spirit.

This priceless information had to be shared—and so, that’s what I’m doing now, with you. Welcome to my blog! I’ll be sharing recipes and lifestyle tips as well as my health discoveries with anyone searching for ways to create a more sacred and delicious life.

Blessings on your journey to radiant health!

Speaker • Wellness Mentor • Cooking Classes
Food • Health • Spirituality

One Response

  1. BridieM says:

    I am so excited to order this cookbook. I am counting the days! …of which right now is way too many. I have tried that soup and it is so tasty and so good and refreshing. I can’t wait to try more.
    -Bridie M