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Bring on the Dark Chocolate for Valentine’s Day!

If you love dark chocolate and want to splurge a little for Valentine’s Day, do I have a treat for you and your beloved—perhaps the fudgiest brownies you’ve ever tasted! From a health perspective, the good news is that these are not outrageously sweet compared to standard fare, even though I’m told they are sufficiently decadent to stir the passions of any chocolate lover.

First, let me acknowledge what may be obvious to many readers: chocolate, fudge, and brownies are not part of ancient Ayurvedic cuisine. Nonetheless, I believe in adding some flexibility to my offerings so that
people exploring Ayurveda don’t feel constrained by too much austerity. As one of my Ayurvedic mentors often says, it’s what we eat day in and day out that has the greatest impact on our health and wellbeing. A little chocolate for Valentine’s Day can be embraced even by yogis and those on a wellness path!

Usually, I make these bittersweet goodies with almond and oat flour, coconut sugar, and dark chocolate chips, and this means I can eat one (but just one!) without getting the sugar blues. I prefer my chocolate straight up: no nuts, thank you! For those who feel it’s not a brownie if it doesn’t have nuts, you might want to add 1 cup of chopped pecans or walnuts.

Just this week I made these brownies with chestnut flour instead of almond and oat, and because of this, I was able to use 1 cup less sugar. These were definitely bittersweet, and I describe this option below. Chestnut flour is naturally much sweeter than oat so it doesn’t require as much sugar. The down side: it’s not available in many places. You can, however, order it online—a link is below.

Whether cooking for your sweetheart, friends, or your entire family, enjoy these gluten-free vegan fudge brownies!

Lisa J. Mitchell




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  1. Karin says:

    Those look yummy. I bet Gary would love them for Valentine’s.

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